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Redefining hydration for modern millennial skincare.

A brand designed to redefine the hydration movement for modern millennial skincare by combining the best of nature with scientific research. Honasa Consumer approached us to work on their new brand that was a homegrown affordable skincare line that felt luxurious and aspirational.






User Research, Brand Strategy & Identity, Packaging Design, Website,

Social Media, Brand Guidelines

Aqualogica Logo.png


The typographic identity was designed to be minimal, eccentric and compelling at different scales. The water drop in the letter 'o' helped support the key focus of hydration. While the logo is used as is to represent the brand, we experimented with the idea of each product range having its own mnemonic for our packaging - an illustration that was placed as a watermark behind the logo.


With product packaging being the primary mode of interaction with the consumer, we spent an intensive period of three months iterating and prototyping different possibilities of how we might represent the brand to effectively tell our story, stand out from the crowd and stay true to our brand purpose. Here's a little glimpse into the different explorations that paved way to the final outcome.


Packaging Design

The design language of their packaging aimed at communicating as much as we could with as little content possible. Each product range has its own distinct colour and mnemonic, derived from the key ingredient. For example, hydrate+ was represented by tropical green and an illustration of its key ingredient, coconut, as a watermark behind the logo. To support the product claims, we designed graphs and iconography that played around the idea of the '+'. The packaging architecture was developed to be as simple and quick as possible for a consumer to grasp the product range, product name and benefit.

Aqualogica_12-Current View.png
AqualogicaMockBottle&Box-Current View.png
AqualogicaWater-Current View copy.png
FinalBoxProducts-Current View.png

Website Design

Being a digital first brand, the website needed to reflect the visual cues of the packaging design. We did this by using vibrant moving imagery of water along with glass morphism, to give you the effect of water on your screen.

Aqualogica Website.jpg

Social Media Templates

AqualogicaMocks 10-Current View.png

As the first brand in India to build on the Nobel Prize-winning Aquaporins-based approach to hydration,  Aqualogica needed a fresh new take on packaging to stand out in the Indian market being equally approachable as it is aspirational. Since its launch in 2021, it has expanded its offering to have two more product ranges.

Designed at Lucid Design

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