Experiments, hobbies and passion projects. All things big and small that I love to do in the intersect of art and design.

Botanical Stipple Illustration

Stipple Illustrations

Stippled botanical illustrations - a meditative hobby during stressful times.

36 Days of Type Compilation

36 Days of Type: 2020 Edition

This edition of 36 Days of Type was a love letter to life at the studio. We went on a hunt to find objects within the design studio to stage fun, engaging images of the 36 letters.

Illustrations for Chinita

Illustrations for Chinita

Conceptualised and illustrated artwork for a mexican restaurant, inspired by tile patterns in Mexican architecture.

Packaging Design for Lo! Foods
Packaging Design for Lo! Foods

Lo! Foods Packaging

I designed their brand and packaging with vivid colours, balanced with minimal, clear typography to reflect their mission-  to reduce the incidence of obesity, cardiac and diabetes related diseases by 5 million.

Magazine Covers for Wool Magazine

Magazine Covers for Wipro Magazine

Conceptualised cover artwork for the 7th edition of Wool, a magazine by Wipro.

Illustrations for Chai Spa Packaging
Illustrations for Chai Spa Packaging

Illustrations for Chai Spa Packaging

Hand-drawn botanical illustrations of herbs and spices for Chai Spa’s line of premium tea.

Layout Design for Colors

A Tribute to Colors

An ode to one of my favourite magazines, Colors Magazine- I created a tribute flyer as part of classroom project. It involved an intensive study of the publication, breaking down its themes and patterns and replicating it with writing, creative direction and graphic design of a cover and article sample.

Packaging Design for Organa

Packaging for Organa

I designed Organa's packaging to establish them as a credible brand providing natural, healthy juices while contributing to sustainable agriculture and global organic farming. The design features fun chalk illustrations on a blackboard texture to bring this to life.

3D Animation
3D Animation

Exploring the third dimension

On-going quarantine experiments animating 3D elements with Devon Ko’s 3D for Designers program.

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