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Born Good

Reinventing home care products to be gentle on your clothes and the planet.

Born Good is India's most innovate plant-based laundry detergent brand - making detergents better for your home and our planet. Building a plant based detergent brand from the ground up - we engaged with the client from start to finish ranging from naming to designing custom bottles to building it's e-commerce site.


Born Good


Personal Care


Brand Strategy, Naming & Identity, Product Packaging, Packaging Graphics, Website Design.


Brand Identity

We created the naming and identity of the brand with the intention of having its core essence come to life - bringing products to life that were natural, clean and effective The identity is understated yet established with its modern serif typeface. The scribbled trees as the logo icon balances the typography to make it fresh and approachable, while the colour palette was derived from elements from nature, depicting clean skies and lush forests.


This special, first-of-its-kind, 72% bio-based detergent needed to be showcased beautifully in a bottle which customers would be proud to hold onto and reuse. Keeping the brand values in mind, we designed custom transparent PET packaging which is readily recyclable and extremely durable. 


The bottle with its rounded triangular cross-section fits in the hand extremely comfortably and is easy to handle due to its lower volume. As the bottle was meant to be purchased only once, we designed refill packs that consumed significantly lesser quantities of plastic. 



As an extension of the product experience, the website was designed and developed to not just sell detergent, but to add another layer of transparency to the brand with details of all the ingredients that go into the product, and also what we've chosen to keep out. Engaging advice columns and ambassador stories ensures continuous engagement.


Born Good changed the way people consume daily home care products. After the successful launch of their detergents, we also helped design the rest of their ever expanding line of products. Born Good's unconventional design approach has been featured on Packaging of the World and World Brand Design Society, Agency Design Awards and Easy Fairs Pack.

Designed at Lucid Design

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