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Dyslexia Uncovered

Changing the perception of dyslexia to be a difference, not a disability.

Diagnosing a learning disorder at the hospital can be an intimidating and taxing experience as parents and children have no prior information and are consumed by  the various misconceptions about them. Visiting a hospital is stressful for most people, particularly for children and parents going to test for dyslexia because of the negative stigma associated with it. ‘Dyslexia Uncovered’ is a project that aims at creating a positive, friendly environment within the hospital by providing information about learning difficulties, specifically dyslexia. 





Non-profit, Education


User Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Collaterals, Print

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While most people limit their knowledge to dyslexia being a limitation of brain function, recent theories and case studies show that it is just a different way of learning. 

The project encourages parents and children to discover their child’s/own unique strengths and talents by creating awareness using a fun, engaging approach. 


A diagnosis of dyslexia is actually a signal that you/your child/your student has a genius that you must discover. I chose to tailor and brand a comprehensive system for parents to tackle the stigma associated with learning disabilities and to help unravel the ‘genius’ within each child.


The Identity

Following the brand values and the themes chosen for my project, I chose to brand the project as ‘Learn (difficulty) differently’. As the project focuses primarily on dyslexia, the sub-brand is titled, ‘Dyslexia Uncovered’.


Interactive Data Visualisation


Three series of posters have been designed to tackle the stigma associated with learning difficulties. The posters are to be placed across different touch points that the patient would pass during his hospital visit.

Taking forward the idea of games and play from the infographics, the maze shows you different unique ways for a person to get out, none of which are wrong and thereby encourages you to make your own decisions and follow your unique journey.


The second set of posters symbolises the idea of unravelling layers, similar to unwrapping a gift and finding new, unexpected things.


The third set of posters looks at different perceptions. When you first look at the poster, it might not make sense. But when you change your perspective, you are able to read and understand the message.




Being given the opportunity to collaborate with Nimhans, Bangalore and seeing the project being applied to a real world scenario was extremely motivating and fulfilling. It gave me insights on how to accommodate and accustom design to not only be visually appealing but also engage and alter perceptions of people within minutes. 

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