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Enchanting Travels Magazine

A bi-lingual travel magazine to inspire your post-covid plans.

The Enchanting Travels Magazine is an annual travel publication circulated by the brand in the US, Australia and Europe. This year’s publication follows the theme of Slow Travel- taking a step back and enjoying your dream destinations. The magazine was designed in English and German.


Enchanting Travels


Premium Travel Agency


Editorial Design

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Created with the intention of reaching existing customers as well as potential new customers, the magazine brings together exciting content created by their travel professionals, trip planners, guests and partners from destinations across the world.

The magazine is used primarily to boost bookings without feeling like a 'sales tool'. I've worked on three editions of their magazine, where we've tried to elevate the experience year after year.


For each magazine, we established a structure and a visual system to make it easy to digest different types of information - tour related, traveller diaries, recipes and sponsored content. The latest edition follows the theme of 'Going Slow'. We highlighted this with large spreads of poetic, serene imagery.


Be Enchanted is a magazine that allowed me to create immersive travel experiences through print to inspires their guests across the world. 

Designed at Lucid Design

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