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Frontier X

Unboxing experience for a path-breaking health monitoring device.

Designing the packaging structure and graphics for Frontier X - the world's first chest-worn smart heart monitor that keeps track of your health in real-time.


We sought inspiration from premium phone packaging and set out to design the packaging form and graphics to communicate the features of the device subtly yet powerfully. 


Fourth Frontier




Strategy, Packaging, Web Design


We designed an exclusive unboxing experience, the app interface and marketing site for this path-breaking health monitoring device. The design language was set to create the perfect balance between credible and premium without looking too medical or overwhelming. 

We used high quality material and textures to achieve a sense of premiumness. Starting with a glossy logo mark to add a touch of delight to the matte-black outer sleeve.

Once opened, the magnetic flap reveals the device - along with a welcome message, card and QR code to download the app and get started. The second layer of the box houses the chest bands and charger in a compact foam casing.


Frontier X was launched by Olympian Paula Radcliffe in 2019 and has been featured in The Times, Runner's World, NDTV and more. 

Designed at Lucid Design

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