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Joyful Inside

Packaging an oatmeal brand that loves your taste buds and your guts.

Joyful Inside is India's first probiotic oatmeal brand. The project involved strategy, brand identity and packaging design for their first line of products. The ask was to create a breakfast cereal brand like no other- youthful without being childish, trustworthy without any asterisks, and something that no one had seen before. And that's exactly what we did.


Joyful Inside


Food Products


User Research, Brand Strategy, Packaging

Joyful Inside Packaging

The Concept 

The identity cleverly brings together a grain and a subtle nod to a happy digestive tract. With the brand positioning focussing on the idea that all health starts in your gut, we tried to portray happy insides in the most minimally joyful manner without being gut-wrenching. 

The packaging is the first not to feature a cliched cereal bowl. Instead, it has ingredients pouring down onto witty typography and vibrant flavour colours. The rich ingredient imagery around the box with hints of gold foil makes it youthfully premium.

We designed a box that is equally intriguing on the front and back - we used the back panel to tell their sourcing story in a fun, engaging way.

Joyful Inside Packaging
Joyful Inside Packaging

A treat for your eyes, and your tastebuds - Joyful Inside successfully launched in 2021 online and in stores across India. The design has been featured on World Brand Design Society, Favourite Design and Packaging of the World.

Designed at Lucid Design

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