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Mama Earth

Packaging the best of nature for your skin.

Mama Earth Beauty is a skin care brand committed to building safe, delightful, and effective products for all. My role was to create a design language for their beauty line to create distinctive packaging that is easily adaptable to multiple forms and at the same time has a strong focus on their ingredient story.


Mama Earth


Beauty & Personal Care


User Research, Brand Strategy,
Packaging Design & Guidelines


While an increasingly number of people in India are looking for safe natural alternatives to replace existing cosmetic products offered, Mama Earth aimed to cater to that market as Asia's first accredited made-safe brand.

The design language of their packaging was designed to focus on clean, natural ingredients that was relatable and accessible to all. The packaging architecture was developed to be easy for a customer to read and for the brand to maintain consistency across product offerings.


The packaging design we established for Mama Earth is live and available in over 2,000 multi-brand stores across 40 cities in the country.

Designed at Lucid Design

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