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Pratham Books

Redesigning Pratham Books' website to be a delightful, inclusive experience.

Pratham Books is a leading nonprofit bringing storybooks to children across India in their native languages. We redesigned Pratham Book's website & e-commerce platform to broaden their reach and impact. The new website design creates a seamless experience to understand, engage and participate in their various initiatives to make a difference.


Pratham Books


Non-profit organisation


User Research, Strategy, Website Design


Old vs New

Although Pratham has made a significant mark in the industry, their digital experience was poor - their website did not convey what they did and made it very difficult for a user to use their website to purchase their books. Most of Pratham Books' initiatives had a huge scope to expand using online platforms but it did not have a base platform to operate.

As most of their initiatives had their own visual identity, their overarching parent brand was getting muddled with it rather than standing out as their parent website was not reflective of its current position in the industry, but was something they created over two decades ago.


In order to create a strong overarching identity, they needed a single website that acted as the root to all their initiatives. We re-designed their website in an attempt to bring together their various target groups for them to be able to engage and interact as a community to see ‘a book in every child's hand’.


Book Store

After we designed their parent website, we gave their e-commerce platform a well deserved refresh with a new buying experience that made it easy to access their vast library of books. We also set up an extensive dashboard for the user to manage and track their orders, and create wish lists. 


The redesigned website helps Pratham Books receive donations, collaborate with artists, writers and translators around the world and increases their book sales.

Designed at Lucid Design

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